Unity Solutions delivers all telephone services through 3CX and BreezeConnect. No matter if you're a Mobile Business, Small Business or Major Company with multi-location offices we have a solution for you. We host your 3CX PBX in highly secure data centers located within Australia for as little as $10/mth depending on the size of the system.

The licensing for 3CX is based on the number on simultaneous calls being made; this allows unlimited extensions for your business to grow at any time.

The 3CX Mobile App is a great way to save money in your business.  If you’re currently supplying mobile phones to your staff, you can drastically save money by having your employees provide their own mobile, and the 3CX Application is installed on their device. We call this BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

There are many benefits to this, employees tend to look after their own devices, and they only have to carry one phone.

This configuration shows a small mobile business with no office location, clients will dial a local business number, and the calls are directed to a mobile device/s. Outbound calls will display as a Local Business Number to the client.

This configuration is typical for trade businesses that have reception staff in an office and trade employees out in the field; this allows the employee to call a client before arrival and display as a business number and not a personal mobile/private number which most clients will not answer.

This is a typical office setup, a Session Border Controller is used and creates a Tunnel between the SBC and the 3CX PBX.

This setup is the same as above but utilizes a second 3CX PBX for Failover. The license allows for two installs, and we place the second installation in a different datacentre; if there were to be a major malfunction or just the 15-second outage during an update, your system would be online for mission-critical redundancy.

Finally, this install is utilized for businesses with multiple office locations. The office can be located anywhere in the world even a remote site office running a mobile internet connection. Any phone can be contacted by their extension number, e.g., 205.

A benefit of this system is your business will have one phone bill to manage.