Are your employees idling work vehicles just to keep the cabin cool while they're outside on the job?

With the increase in fuel prices and the majority of new vehicles requiring servicing based on engine operating hours, you can save thousands in running costs by installing a GPS and Asset Management Service from Unity Solutions.


  • Vehicle Monitoring (monitoring parameters such as speed, location, engine hours)

  • Driver behaviour monitoring

  • Water resistant IP65 suitable for all kinds of vehicles and mobile assets exposed to harsh weather conditions

  • Easy CAN / OBD integration with external ECU monitor accessory

  • Anti-tamper functionality accurately detects when the device‚Äôs case has been opened

  • 3-Axis accelerometer: Turn oversignal with instant acceleration monitoring as well as a backlog for crash condition history report

  • Retrieve back or forward log messages to provide valuable data after a critical incident such as harsh braking condition, crash event with photo capturing functionalities

  • Save up to 30,000 events when no GPRS or GSM network is available

  • Built-in remote diagnostics to monitor the health of hardware components as well as efficiency of communication

  • Intelligent geofencing capabilities

  • Navigation dispatch and routing

  • Fuel monitoring

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Camera input